Care and maintenance



Daily care and maintenance: To effectively fight against mites and to remove dust, we recommend that you regularly open your windows to expose pillows, duvets and featherbeds to the summer sun and the dry cold of winter.

Mites are not resistant to direct sunlight or temperatures below 15°C.


Whether synthetic or natural, the pillows bearing the Dumas brand can be machine washed at an ambient temperature between 40 and 60°C according to the ECO white cycle or equivalent. Use your normal detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. At the end of the wash cycle, choose a maximum spin depending on the brand of your machine. Dry on a moderate cycle for two hours, until the product is not moist. Wash your pillows preferably in the summertime. (Include diagram for washing)

Tip: Your pillow will stay fluffy if you dry it with a tennis ball inside the dryer.



Duvets bearing the Dumas brand are machine washable. Choose the delicate cycle at 40°C or its equivalent for machines. Add your usual amount of your usual detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Only duvets size 140/200 are washable in traditional home washing machines. For large sizes (200/200 and beyond), it is necessary to go to a dry cleaner or specialised laundry facility having a washing machine with a capacity of 10kg or more. At the end of the cycle, select the maximum spin cycle. Drying should last about two hours, and repeat until the product is not moist. In the middle of the wash cycle, take the duvet out and shake it vigorously. Wash your duvets preferably in the summertime. (Include diagram for washing)

Tip: To ensure that it stays fluffy, do not hesitate to put two tennis balls in the dryer.



The featherbed is treated like a mattress. It cannot be cleaned in the washing machine or dryer. Therefore, it must be protected like a mattress, with a protective cover. To maintain lasting comfort, please follow these tips:

  • Fluff the featherbed every day to keep the filling well-placed and keep it fluffy
  • Reverse the featherbed head and foot at least once a week.
  • For the natural comfort or comfort and prestige synthetic models, you should also turn the featherbeds over at least once a week.

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