All Dumas products have a conventional two-year guarantee for hidden defects or manufacturing defaults under normal use and cleaning.


The goose and duck down and feathers used for filling the Dumas Paris brand pillows, duvets, and featherbeds come from Europe. This natural filling allows us to produce high quality bedding and thus ensure a flexible and fluffy product. We have also carefully selected other prestigious down for its thermal properties and exceptional filling power, coming from the coldest regions of the world including Eastern countries, where heat variation is more important and therefore forms a down of rare quality. Once a year, we offer our excellent vintage products. We will select our downs from all over the world to bring you exceptional warmth and softness. The synthetic materials referenced for the manufacture of small bedding items come from Europe and Asia. Our suppliers of polyester fibre, microfiber and Rhombo-fill are selected with the utmost care and rigor in order to create synthetic products that are fluffy and that breathe. All raw materials purchased by our company are verified and labelled upon unloading to ensure traceability of all products manufactured and therefore ensure additional security to our customers.

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