The Brand


Our history has evolved over time. We adapted to market demand to become the company we are today, a maker of high-end products.

Therefore, we adapted our image according to our activity and the sensitivity of those who have lead the Dumas Company.
We will tell our story through our various images:


Our current story began in Paris in 1880 with Paul Dumas, the company founder. His son, Louis Dumas, joined the adventure in 1920. Our main activity was predominantly leather and fur skin restoration. Our main clients were large fashion houses who made fur coats and felt hats.

After the war, the fur fashion experienced a slowdown. Therefore, Louis Dumas and his son, Pierre Dumas, had to direct their activities to other commodities. They chose to collect feathers and down. The activity was then to wash, treat and sell them to manufacturers who were predominantly tapestry designers and manufacturers of beds and small bedding items.

In addition to the treatment of feathers, Pierre Dumas, a visionary, decided to start manufacturing bolsters, cushions, and fluffy eiderdowns like those made by our grandmothers.

In the 70s, Christian Dumas joined his father, and the company was then renamed. The Pierre & Christian Dumas company was created, manufacturer of feathers and down.

“ Christian Dumas, always fascinated by manufacturing and industry, began the transformation of a small artisanal company into an industrial company. ”

He modernized the working tool by creating machines and modifying existing equipment. During these years after the oil crisis, the cost of energy was exceptionally high, and the decision was made to expand production to the so-called "Nordic" duvet. At this time, we manufactured under the Dumas brand, accompanied by the label "Belle Literie" This label was created by the union of those who produced bedding items. This brought together the players in the industry, meaning the mattress makers and the manufacturers of small bedding.

In the late 1990s, Christian Dumas decided to leave the union and strengthen our own national brand.

“ In 2000, it became:
« Dumas, l’univers protégé de vos rêves ». ”

A major innovation helped to establish the brand among distributors through the exclusive process of the GSD® double cover. This system guarantees the end user a hypoallergenic pillow or duvet by using an untreated outer cloth cover and a non-cloth inner lining treated against mites. Our primary means of communication was our first showcase website: www.dumas-literie.com

“ The Dumas brand, "l’univers protégé de vos rêves" has been selected by the major players in luxury hotels such as Sofitel, Lucien Barrière, Pullman and Hilton. ”

We decided to improve our image in 2007 to better fit our target.


In 2013, with the arrival of the new generation, different strategic points of the company were reviewed and improved.

This change is reflected in the new name of the company: The Dumas Company.


To reflect this change and be consistent with the image of our most prestigious clients, Edouard Dumas decided to rebuild our historic brand as such. Refined and elegant, authentic and current, our brand signifies our technical excellence, attention to detail and sensitivity to the intimacy of our product.


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