100 years of family adventure


Since 1910, the men and women in our family have not stopped working to ensure that the Dumas company lives on through the generations and that the "savoir dormir" ("knowing how to sleep") is passed on from generation to generation. This legacy is now our trademark. Natives of Auvergne, the Dumas family began operating in Paris in the restoration business before moving to Tonnerre, Burgundy, in 1910, where their work has evolved over time.

Louis Dumas

The story began with Paul Dumas in 1880 located Paris. The family moved to Tonnerre, Burgundy, in 1910 where our workshops are still located. In 1920, Louis Dumas join his father.

“ The company was then a major player in the restoration of leather and fur skins, working with the biggest names in fashion. ”

Our raw materials were used for making coats and hats.

Pierre Dumas

Pierre Dumas joined his father in the management of the company. After the war, the fur restoration trade experienced a slowdown, and the company needed to change. In fact, felt hats and fur coats went out of style to make room for cloth coats and American fashion. The company had to find a new path and Pierre Dumas embodied this change. In the '50s, the business began to move towards "cushion" feathers that came from our grandmothers' old beds. These feathers were processed and sold to bedding manufacturers. Pierre Dumas, a visionary, decided instead to start making pillows, bolsters and eiderdowns, which is the outline of our current activity.

Christian Dumas

Christian Dumas, current managing director of the group, has always been fascinated by the manufacturing industry and joined his father to transform

“ an artisan company into an industrial company ”

During the post oil crisis years, the decision was made to expand production to natural and synthetic materials which are both more attractive and more popular. Christian Dumas, who trained with one of the best Parisian upholsterers, never ceases to combine innovation with safety and respect for the environment. In 2002, he created and developed a revolutionary concept called GSD® (Global Security Dream): a double cover system, in which the inner lining is treated against mites.

Edouard Dumas

Edouard Dumas, who graduated from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne with a degree in mechanical engineering, specialising in production management and supply chain management, joined the family venture after working internationally for one of the major players in the tobacco industry. He began the analysis and reorganisation of the supply chain for better customer management. We are constantly improving our services which are strongly linked with our industrial tools, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to consumer demand while offering products made from the very best components and workmanship of the Dumas Company.

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