At the heart of our history and our development, our values have always guided the way we work:


We sleep, on average, one third of our lives. Our mission is to provide everyone with the comfort they need. Indeed, a good night's sleep is a rare privilege, but it is also a right everyone should have. That is why we want to make everyone aware of the importance of good bedding, which consists not only of a good bed and a good mattress. Too often the pillow and duvet are not considered elements that bring more comfort and softness to our nights, and the rest we need to face the day ahead.

“ As Christian Dumas said "the pillow is the shoe of the head." ”

That is why we want to give the pillow the status it deserves. So we've mobilised both traditional knowledge and innovative techniques to provide high quality pillows and duvets. Listening to your needs to create a custom-made product while optimising production is our top priority.


For optimal sleep, several factors must be observed: the room temperature, noise and light. As a manufacturer of pillows, duvets and featherbeds, the first factor that we recommend you to take into account is the room temperature and then the combination of materials to bring you softness and comfort.

A pillow that fits your needs will indeed be more comfortable if you protect it with a quality pillowcase. The same goes for the duvet; a beautiful cover will preserve the lightness of the duvet.

Respect and simplicity, Honesty, keeping one's word, and personal commitment, The love and dependability of teamwork well done, Progress and innovation.


To maximise your rest and comfort at night, it is important to respect the lifespan of the pillows, the duvet and the featherbed. The pressure of the weight of the head, movements, and perspiration, at a rate of 8 hours per night on average, means that a pillow's lifespan should not exceed 3 years if you wish to maintain the same comfort. The duvet does not feel the same pressure as the pillow or featherbed since it is on top of you. Therefore the recommended lifespan for a natural duvet is 10 years and that of a synthetic duvet is 5 years. The featherbed receives the entire surface of our body weight. It is subject to the movement and pressure that causes a high rate of wear. The optimal lifespan for this product is two years maximum.

“ For Dumas products to provide the best comfort and the optimal lifespan, it is very important to follow our instructions for use and care. ”


To have a pleasant and restful night, it is important to choose the right size pillows and duvets. The current offer for traditional pillows includes two formats: the "American" rectangular pillow and the European square pillow. The comfort provided by these two formats is very different. The rectangular pillow supports your head and neck while the square pillow, more enveloping, holds your head, neck and upper shoulders. In either choice, it is essential that the pillow is exactly the same size. Depending on the size of the bed base and mattress, choosing the size of the duvets is also very important. Indeed, if the bed is for a child or an adult, the size of the duvet will vary. Another factor to consider is knowing if you move around during the night, because you can quickly become uncovered and get cold. If you sleep with another person in a double bed, choosing the correct the size of the duvet is essential. The other person may move a great deal, and if the duvet is too small, the partner may become uncovered and have a cold sensation during the night. We have developed a chart to help you choose the size of your duvet for the best possible comfort.

4 standard sizes of duvet are recommended (140/200, 200/200, 240/220, 260/240). For beds larger than 1.80 m wide, the choice may be size 280/260. However, it is not always easy to find linens in this size. For very large beds, an individual duvet may be a good compromise of comfort.

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