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A soft and natural pillow filled with new duck down

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In the luxury house tradition, Dumas Paris offers you the customization of your pillow with you initials

A pillow embroidered will not be exchanged of refunded

The manufacture of personalized items (embroidery or tailor-made products) requires 5 working days of manufacturing time.

For any specific embroidery request (coat of arms, Last name...) please contact us

GSD is the culmination of Dumas Paris' research in terms of improving comfort and optimizing product safety. This patented concept of the double shell allows to stop and to block the contamination resulting from the migration of mites and allergens.

The outer shell is an untreated textile which guarantees the comfort of a hypoallergenic contact. The inner liner receives a specific treatment and serves as a barrier to the harmful elements. This treatment contains a biocidal product SANITIZED® PL21-60 in compliance with EU requirements No. 528 / 2012. The two envelopes work in synergy to ensure maximum comfort and safety for humans and their environment.

The GSD label on the packaging indicates that your product benefits from this technology.

This natural pillow consists of 70% new duck down and 30% new duck feathers. The outer cover is 100% down-proof cotton, 140 threads/cm². It is possible to apply the GSD® process, which consists in adding an inner liner treated against mites. This treatment contains a biocidal product SANTIZED PL21-60 in accordance with the EU No. 528/2012 requirements. Satin stitch finishing to ensure greater security and unwavering stitching. This article meets the requirements of decree No. 2000/164 of 23 February 2000 and to the standards EN NF 12952-2010 Part 1 (non-ignitability by a cigarette)

The Royal 70% soft pillow provides soft support and enveloping comfort. Found in upscale hotels, the pillows are made of new duck down and are widely used for the manufacture of small bedding due to their inflation and resilience properties.

Our duck down pillow is perfect for people looking for a good soft pillow, which also provides good support at night for the head and neck. It is suitable for people who sleep on their back or side. Available in white and made with satin stitch finishing, the most resistant form of stitching available. 

It can also be tailor-made on demand. For all tailor-made orders, the production lead time is 10 days, and the orders are sent once the manufacturing has been completed. All special sizes are non-returnable or exchangeable.

This Royal 70 pillow can undergo the exclusive GSD® process: a double cover system which consists in adding an inner lining treated against mites.

The Dumas canvas bag protecting the pillow can also be used for leisure, weekend getaways and short stays.
Your bedding item will be shipped in 48 to 72h at your home or in relay point. Delivery in France is free. You have 14 days to return or exchange the product if it does not meet your expectations. Any tailor made product (embroidery, specific size) will not be taken back or exchanged and will require 5 working days of manufacturing time.
We recommend cleaning your natural pillow at least once a year, preferably in the summer. It can be washed in a domestic washing machine at 40°C according to the ECO white cycle or equivalent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Use a maximum spin dry cycle for a shorter drying time. It's best to dry your pillow in the dryer until there is no moisture. To make your pillow seem like new and to make it fluffier, add a tennis ball into the dryer. Do not hesitate to dry the pillow outside in the summer sun.
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Tailor-made format request

The manufacture of personalized items (embroidery or tailor-made products) requires 5 working days of manufacturing time.

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