All your dreams need love Your personalized embroidery offered for Valentine's Day

broderie initiales

Their well-being is each day all
you think about and the perfect
Valentine’s gift is your pursuit
of their happiness.
Dumas Paris is offering a
“Valentine’s day” limited edition
embroidery, personalized with the
initials of your Valentine’s.

Free from february 6 to 14th,
the embroidery makes your
Haute Literie ® accessories unique

broderie enfilage

Their sleep deserves a luxurious
and personalized pillow.
Offer them the absolute comfort
with our collection of high-end
natural and synthetic pillows.
“It’s the small things that make
the most beautiful relationships”.

broderie initiales

All our duvets are available according
to the temperature of their room,
their preferences of sleep,
and the size of their bed.
Your Valentine is and always will be special.

The “valentine’s day” limited edition embroidery will be the subtle way to show that you care about their wellness. Night after night, offer the luxury of a unique rest and sleep experience to your love one.

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