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At Dumas Paris we know that every person is unique. And that the quality of sleep depends closely on a well-adapted duvet size, both the morphology and sleeping habits of the sleeper, but also the size of the bed. That's why we offer you the possibility to order tailor-made duvets, totally to your image.

Our goose down duvets, our duck down duvets as well as our synthetic duvets come in several sizes: 140x200cm, 200x200cm, 240x220cm, 260x240cm. How to choose your duvet among these sizes? Here is our guide:

For a bed 90x190cm or 90x200cm: choose a duvet 140x200cm or 200x200cm

For a bed of 140x190cm or 140x200cm: choose a duvet 200x200cm or 240x220cm

For a bed 160x190cm or 160x200cm: choose a duvet 240x220cm or 260x240cm

For a bed of 180x190cm or 180x200cm: choose a duvet of 260x240cm or 280x260cm

For a 200x200cm bed, choose a 280x260cm duvet

We also offer you a custom made duvet, whether it's a down duvet or a synthetic duvet. Thus, your duvet will be your image, unique and precious, and will fit perfectly to your custom bed.

At Dumas Paris, tailoring does not stop at the choice of size: we offer you to embroider your initials or those of the person to whom you offer the duvet, for a completely unique and personalized duvet. What warmer and more lasting gift than a duvet embroidered with the initials of the young couple as a wedding gift, or a custom duvet, ideal and adapted to his needs, for each of your children (from 3 years old exclusively). With the initials of everyone, it's easier to navigate and manage the bedding in a Big House!

We inform you that for any request for custom duvet, natural or synthetic duvet, the manufacturing time is 10 days maximum. We deliver directly to your home or at your relay point. All special sizes, as well as embroidered duvets with your initials, are not taken back or exchanged.

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