How to choose a duvet?

Choosing a duvet requires reflection and analysis of how we sleep. To help you choose the perfect duvet, you can use the personalized Ideal Night® tool which according to your habits and your sleeping environment will recommend your ideal duvet.

The way and habits of sleeping have undergone a great evolution since the last four decades. Previously, the French tradition wanted us to sleep under wool blankets with a an eiderdown for extra warmth. The so-called "Nordic" duvet tends to dominate over the time.

Which filling for your duvet?

We manufacture two large families of duvets: natural or synthetic duvets. The choice of the duvet will be taken either by family tradition or for fear of allergies or for reasons of care and maintenance. It is important to know that the comfort provided is very different from one upholstery to another.

couette naturelle


The natural duvet has the property of adapting to the cycles of sleep. For duvets filled with down and feathers, the higher the percentage of down, the warmer and lighter they will be”. Natural duvets are produced with the so-called blown (“soufflé”) technique that involves blowing the filling using compressed air into a cover. During a period of deep sleep, the temperature of the body tends to fall slightly, the duvet filled with feathers and down will bring during this period more heat. When during dreams the body temperature increases, the natural duvet thanks to its thermal bridges will promote the regulation and adaptation of heat input.

couette synthétique


The synthetic duvet has the reputation of being hypoallergenic and therefore preferred by some users. However it is important to know that the synthetic duvet has the property of heating constantly, it will not adapt to the cycles of sleep. The quilting for the synthetic duvet is even more important than for the natural quilt, it is the only way for this quilt to evacuate the excess heat generated by the body during the night. The packing weight of a synthetic duvet will determine the heat level of the duvet, the higher the weight of filling is the warmer the quilt will be.

Finding the right filling is therefore an important point for choosing a duvet.

What is the temperature of your room?

The bedroom temperature is an important consideration when choosing your duvet. It is advisable to have a restful sleep with little or no heat in the room. If the room temperature exceeds 20°C, it is not necessary to choose a duvet that is too warm.

What is profile for choosing your quilt?

We have identified three broad categories of people: those who are always cold, those who are neither too cold nor too hot, and those who are always hot. Depending on your answer to this question, Dumas Paris will direct you to the correct duvet choice.

What comfort do you want?

We have determined 4 levels of comfort that brings different levels of heat:

The ideal winter duvet for chilly people or for rooms with little or no heat and a temperature between 16 and 18 ° C.

Temperate quilts are made for off-season for people who are not too hot or cold, or more urban dwellings with temperatures between 18 and 20 ° C.

Summer duvets are suitable for the summer season but also for the hottest parts of the world or at room temperatures over 20 ° C

The 4 seasons 2-in-1 quilt with down or microfibre will adapt to all seasons of the year.

What is the size of your bed?

The size of the duvet must be adapted to the size of your mattress and the height of your bedbase. In fact, it should be long enough on each side of the bed to be comfortable and so that you can tuck or not tuck in the duvet.

You will find below the size matching table of the duvet that best fits the size of your bed :

What is the size of your bed ? ?

If you already have duvet covers it is important to check the size before buying. The size of your duvet case should match the exact size of your duvet.

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