Mattress topper duck feather

Natural Comfort

from 260,00 €


The workshops labeled

"Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"

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Canadian goose down duvet

Millesime 2018 Wanaki

From 2 990,00 €


Goose down soft comfort pillow

Imperial 90%

from 395,00 €


Duck-down pillow flexible support

Royal 70%

from 120,00 €


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Duvet, Pillow, Mattress Topper

Dumas Paris Know-how

Dumas Paris is the reference brand in the hotel industry
It is in its French workshops in Burgundy that Dumas Paris manufactures pillows, duvets and mattress toppers since 1910.
All products are made from exceptional materials.

Natural and Synthetic bedding items

All products are made from exceptional materials.
Natural products are filled with down and feathers of geese and ducks.
Dumas Paris selects noble duvets, exceptional inflating and remarkable thermal properties.
These packings have the advantage of providing a lot of swelling, immediate heat input and promote thermal regulation.
Made from polyester fiber or foam, synthetic products have the advantage of being hypoallergenic.
Synthetic materials reproduce the softness and swelling of natural materials.

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