The pillow is the shoe on your head. Properly selected, it offers the sleeper an unequalled sleep experience. That's why Maison Dumas creates Haute Literie© every day, making small bedding items that represent the quintessence of French sleeping know-how. The pillows are filled with precious materials. Microfibres, goose down and duck down are wrapped in refined cotton satin. Carefully crafted in the House's century-old workshop, they enhance that exceptional moment of surrender to sleep. Precisely because your sleep deserves luxury. 

Which pillow should you choose for comfort?

Your stature, your sleeping habits and your preference for a natural or synthetic filling are all criteria to consider when choosing the pillow for your nights. In each of the feather and synthetic pillow collections, three different levels of comfort are available: soft, plush or firm. If you sleep on your stomach, choose a soft pillow so as not to put too much strain on your lower back. If you sleep on your back or side, soft or firm pillows are preferable. Your morphology will determine the level of comfort you need, with this rule of thumb: the larger you are, the firmer you need to be. 

What is the difference between a down or synthetic filling?

Dumas uses two main types of filling: down and feather, or synthetic. The differences relate to comfort and welcome, as well as properties. Down and feathers come from ducks or geese and are removed by hand after nesting. Naturally thermoregulating, the down compensates for every variation in body temperature that occurs during the different sleep cycles, providing thermal comfort for the head. Goose down is more plump and has better moisture resistance than duck down. The filling of Maison Dumas Paris synthetic pillows is made up of microfibre, fibres and foam strips. This creates different levels of softness and optimises comfort.

How do I choose the right size pillow?

Choosing the right size of pillow is essential for a good night's sleep. The rectangle or "American" pillow does not provide the same support for the head as the square or "European" pillow.  The former will support your head and neck, while the latter will also support the top of your shoulders. Your sleeping position will determine this choice. If you fall asleep on your side, the rectangular format will enable you to keep your head-nape-shoulders-back axis well aligned. For those who fall asleep on their stomach or back, the square format is ideal, as it also supports the top of the shoulders and keeps the nape of the neck straight. This will prevent neck pain.

How to rightly choose my pillow?

The luxury of the House of Dumas and its Nuits Idéales© (Ideal Nights)

Haute Literie© by Maison Dumas Paris is the idea of luxury sleep, so that this precious and intimate moment is absolutely perfect. Maison Dumas offers you an individual telephone appointment with a personal shopper. He or she will precisely define your needs, your sleeping habits and find the ideal made-to-measure pillow for your nights. Make an appointment by clicking on the "need help" box on the bottom right and let the Maison Dumas team create your Ideal Night ©. 

Dumas Paris manufactures high-end luxury pillows

Your personalised pillow

If you can't find the right size, you can order a customised pillow, made just for you. And what better way to personalise it than to have it embroidered with your initials, or those of your loved ones as a gift? Dumas Paris gives you the opportunity to make your luxury pillow unique. In this way, Dumas Paris accompanies you through all the precious moments of your life, making its Haute Literie© products markers of your evolution. For a magnificent wedding gift, a home or a second home, La Maison's luxury pillows celebrate your art of living.

Ask Dumas Paris for a tailor-made pillow personalised at your request

Memory foam pillows

A memory foam pillow is made of synthetic foam that conforms to the shape of the head it supports. Dumas Paris considers a memory foam pillow to be an ergonomic pillow when it is carefully chosen according to the sleeper's profile. With the advice of our personal shopper, you can select the ideal product from our ranges. It will adapt perfectly and permanently to your morphology and sleeping habits.

Wash your pillow properly

To ensure your pillow lasts as long as possible, Maison Dumas recommends regular and rigorous care. To do this, we recommend patting your pillow daily, preferably in the morning after getting up. This will plump up the filling, which settles at night under the weight of your head. Regularly exposing your bedding to the cold of winter or the heat of summer will help protect you from dust mites. At the same time, we recommend that you wash it at least once a year, preferably during the summer months. Wash in a large tumble dryer at 40°C maximum. Drying must be done in a tumble dryer on a gentle cycle, repeated until all traces of moisture have disappeared. A well-cared-for pillow will last approximately 3 years. Synthetic filling will have a shorter life than natural.

The French Haute Literie© hotel pillow

From the alpine palaces of Courchevel to the azure jewels of Saint Tropez, via the most prestigious establishments in Paris, the House of Dumas is the well-kept secret of absolute comfort in luxury hotels. Thanks to the "I sleep like I'm in a hotel" tool (https://www.dumas-paris.fr/je-dors-comme-a-l-hotel), you can find out which Maison Dumas hotel pillows are used in the rooms of the most prestigious 5-star hotels and palaces in France and around the world. So you can recreate a night in a luxury hotel at home. You can also return to the hotels with your Dumas Paris pillows, guaranteeing an absolutely perfect night's sleep.

Luxury pillows from the House of Dumas

Maison Dumas is the story of a family that has been working for 5 generations to preserve a unique expertise in small bedding items. Founded in 1910, the company has been run by five generations of craftsmen. Thanks to the excellence of its craftsmen and their unique skills, Dumas Paris supplies some of the world's finest hotels. The workshops, which have been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (https://www.institut-metiersdart.org/epv) label, produce pillows with the precision of exceptional craftsmanship, combined with innovative techniques. The precious filling is blown into envelopes of refined fabrics, sewn directly in the workshops. This century-old craft takes the time to use unique manual gestures to guarantee exceptional quality. Each luxury pillow made by Maison Dumas is individually inspected and packaged.

A committed company

For Maison Dumas, the priority is to ensure that pillow production is responsible and sustainable. The brand has opted to recycle its manufacturing waste and reduce the CO2 emissions associated with pillow production. These emissions are measured during bi-annual carbon audits. Part of the profits generated by production also fund carbon sequestration projects that contribute to global carbon neutrality. These consist of forest plantations in Burgundy Franche-Comté, in which Maison Dumas employees participate.

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