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    An iconic piece of traditional bedding, the eiderdown evokes comforting memories of nights spent with our grandmothers. The ideal embodiment of the French way of sleeping, it provides incredible warmth and elegantly enhances the bed. Made in the Burgundy workshops of Haute Literie© Dumas, the duvet quilt is the perfect embodiment of the excellence of the craftsmen of the French manufacturer. The fruit of centuries of family know-how, it represents the history of the House revisited.

    The eiderdown: a traditional bedding accessory

    Before duvets became an essential bedding accessory and the main source of warmth during the night, a number of small items of bedding played this role of thermal support, including the ancient eiderdown. Inherited from the beds of our ancestors, the feather quilt is a unique piece. Both insulating and elegant, it offers exceptional comfort and enhances any bed. To be kept informed of the release of the Impérial Dumas eiderdown, please send an email to serviceclient@dumas-paris.fr.

    The Dumas eiderdown, the definition of an exceptional item

    The definition of a quilt comes from Scandinavia, where eiderdown was collected and stuffed into an envelope to provide thermal protection against the harsh winters of the Arctic Circle. Its name comes from the Danish language, and more specifically from the word "ederdun" or "eiderdown". An alternative to a plaid, with the size of a small duvet, it is a symbol of tradition revisited by Dumas.

    Luxury comfort

    A bedding accessory that transcends the ages, the eiderdown is a unique piece of bedding that offers both extra warmth and an elegant aesthetic that enhances the bed. Positioned from the opening of the sheets to the end of the bed, its comfort is warm and soft. Inherited from the beds of past generations, the antique quilt has been reworked by Dumas craftsmen to give it a graceful contemporary design.

    A luxury eiderdown made in France

    Offering extra warmth

    An eiderdown is a bedding accessory whose role is to provide superior, warmer insulation, so that nights can be cosy, even in the depths of winter. The filling, traditionally made up of feathers and down, offers this important calorific potential. Placed on top of the sheets, this Dumas quilt offers the ideal warmth to enhance your winter nights. It is traditionally used in conjunction with a blanket and bed linen to provide extra warmth for a good night's sleep.

    The quilt, an ally in winter

    Exceptional loft

    The goose down that fills the duvet has an exceptional flock structure that naturally inflates with air to provide unrivalled insulating power. The Impérial luxury eiderdownby Maison Dumas is made from 90% of this precious white French goose down. This filling provides a tremendous amount of warmth in winter and elegantly underlines the design of the down quilt.

    The eiderdown provides an unbelievable level of comfort

    The down filling of Dumas bedspreads

    The Dumas down quilt is made from 90% pure white French goose down and 10% white goose feathers. These feathers ensure that the accessory retains its shape and structure. Goose down has exceptional thermoregulating qualities. The flock structure of the down inflates with air, creating exceptional thermal insulation, while the seams create thermal bridges, allowing body heat emitted during deep sleep cycles to escape. Conversely, this structure provides exceptional thermal insulation for warm, comforting nights in winter. Synthetic duvets also offer exceptional comfort and flexibility.


    Of all the bedding accessories, the duvet is the only visible and aesthetically pleasing piece for the bedroom. Placed on top of the sheets or blanket, positioned at the end of the bed or on the reverse side of the bed linen, it dresses the bed with elegance and distinction. The Impérial Dumas quilt has a contemporary design, elegantly echoing the Dumas logo, a symbol of excellence and refinement. The scarlet white of its 170 thread-count pure cotton sateen cover adds a touch of timeless sumptuousness, enhancing the elegance of any bedroom.

    What size quilt should I choose?

    This exceptional bedspread is positioned at the end of the bed, right up to the back of the sheets. The Impérial Dumas feather and down duvet comes in three different sizes. The 90x150 quilt is perfect for single beds in both width and length. The 140x150 quilt is ideal for 140 and 160 cm wide 2-person beds, while the 150x170 bedspreads are made for Queen Size and King Size beds. Placed over the sheets, they should be the same width as the mattress and box spring, or slightly less. A Maison personal shopper is available by appointment to advise you on your choice of size.

    Luxury tailoring for a quilt made in France

    To make your top-of-the-range quilt unique, Maison Dumas can embroider your initials or room number. This singularity adds a touch of elegance and distinction and makes each creation personal. It can also be a thoughtful touch as part of a gift.

    How to care for a luxury duvet

    To care for your luxury quilt, it's important to give it a good shake every day and air it out. Simply open the window in winter and expose it to the sun in summer. La Maison recommends that you leave it to a professional to wash, although you can do it yourself at 40 degrees maximum and in large-drum machines. Drying should be done in a tumble dryer on a gentle cycle, repeated until all traces of moisture have disappeared.

    The other Haute Literie© Dumas collections for a perfectly equipped bedroom

    The House of Dumas is above all a story of heritage and transmission. 5 uninterrupted generations of the Dumas family have worked together, respecting tradition and embracing modernity, to create the finest small bedding items.


    Dumas hotel duvets are found in the bedrooms of many luxury hotels, from the Woodward in Geneva to the Sofitel Legend Casco Viego in Panama and the Hôtel Notre Dame des Arts in Paris. Made from the finest materials, including the white French goose down of the Impérial quilt. The House's uncompromising standards and the refinement of its collections are the fruit of numerous collaborations with leading hotel brands.


    When you spend the night in a luxury hotel, you're likely to put your head on a Dumas hotel pillow. Demanding in their choice of pillows, many prestigious hotels trust Dumas to provide pillows for their suites.

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