Pillows Soft.

The choice of the comfort of the pillow is essential. It is advisable to choose a perfectly adapted pillow in order to avoid arching too much the head and the spine. The soft pillow is a pillow whose comfort level is the most malleable and as flat as possible. In terms of comfort, the soft pillow is suitable for people who like their pillow to follow their movements during the night. For example, people who like to sleep with the hand under the pillow, or fold it under the head will appreciate a soft pillow. It is suitable for people of a rather small or thin nature who are used to sleeping on their side or stomach. In order to give all the flexibility to its pillows, Dumas Paris uses a mixture of microfiber and foam on its synthetic version. For maximum flexibility, Dumas Paris natural soft pillows are 90% filled with goose down. This down is the lightest and airy possible.

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