New Natural featherbed protective cover

Natural featherbed protective cover

Manufactured in France

Zipped protective cover adapted for Dumas natural featherbeds

£48.95 55,00 € tax incl.

In the luxury house tradition, Dumas Paris offers you the customization of your featherbed with you initials

A feather embroidered will not be exchanged of refunded

The manufacture of personalized items (embroidery or tailor-made products) requires 5 working days of manufacturing time.

For any specific embroidery request (coat of arms, Last name...) please contact us

This protective cover for the featherbed is 100% cotton with a continuous zipper on three sides for more manoeuvrability. This article meets the requirements of decree No. 2000/164 of 23 February 2000 and to the standards EN NF 12952-2010 Part 1 (non-ignitability by a cigarette)

The cover of the Dumas featherbed has been designed to provide maximum protection to your Prestige and Comfort model natural featherbeds. 

The white protective cover is made of 100% cotton for maximum comfort. It has a thickness of 6 cm and it has a zipper on three sides to be able to insert the featherbed easily.

This protection is available in several sizes: 90x200x6cm, 140x190x6cm, 140x200x6cm, 160x200x6cm, 180x200x6cm, 200x200x6cm

This design cannot be tailor-made.

The Dumas large canvas bag that protects your featherbed can be used for storage during the summer months.
Your bedding item will be shipped in 48 to 72h at your home or in relay point. Delivery in France is free. You have 14 days to return or exchange the product if it does not meet your expectations. Any tailor made product (embroidery, specific size) will not be taken back or exchanged and will require 5 working days of manufacturing time.
We recommend that you clean your protective cover when you change your bed linens. It can be machine washed at 40°C according to the ECO white cycle or equivalent. Do not use chlorine bleach, to protect the zippered closure. The gentle spin cycle is preferred to avoid breaking the cotton fibres and to maintain the softness of the cover. It can be dried either by machine or in the open air.
Compose your personnalised set Ideal night
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