Haute literie

Your sleep deserves luxury.

Abandoning oneself to sleep is an intimate, fragile and precious moment that must be the object of all attention.

Only Haute Literie® can guarantee this ultimate experience: Dumas Paris launches the Haute Literie® brand and quality Charter.

Signed by Dumas Paris and the prestigious hotels that commit themselves to offering perfect nights, it will be the guarantee of a perfect sleep. To be found also at home !

Pullmann Tour Eiffel
Suite Un homme et une femme
Hôtel Le Normandy Deauville

Our brand Dumas Paris

Bedding only has one luxury brand and that's Dumas Paris. Dumas Paris embodies the very finest French tradition of the art of sleeping. It offers a concept of luxury exclusive to prestige clients. Dumas is also the name of the family who has strived for the last five generations to build and develop a company, and help all its employees to thrive, in the Burgundy region of France. Dumas Paris offers the unique expertise of giving each and every person the exhilarating experience of a Nuit Idéale®, a perfect night's sleep, a moment of pure and quiet happiness.

The "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the State set up to distinguish French companies with rare and traditional craftsmanship.
Thanks to the transmission of its century-old know-how, Dumas Paris is now one of these laureates of excellence.

Our History

Supplier to prestige clients since 1910
Our story begins in Paris, in 1851, with Paul Dumas who later moved the family workshops to Tonnerre, specialised in the reprocessing of skins and leathers for French Haute Couture. Louis Dumas took over from his father in 1920 and worked with the greatest names in fashion, supplying the leather and skins for luxury hats and coats... from Tonnerre.


The decline of fur and a new era begins
Post-war, Pierre Dumas - Louis' son - began a new chapter in the family company's story. Change blew through the Dumas' workshops, in the form of feathers. Pierre was a visionary and made pillows, bolsters and quilts the new core of the family enterprise.


Destination duvet... luxury duvet
With Christian Dumas, the fourth generation offered another new arc to the family bow, adding the luxury expertise of Nordic duvets which were gaining huge popularity in France at that time. A forward thinker, Christian developed technological innovations and new exclusive processes such as the anti-mite GSD® double outer cover. Innovation goes hand in hand with environmental protection and the preservation of artisanal craftsmanship.


Custom-made comfort
Edouard Dumas, a graduate engineer from the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne, took over the reins of the company after an international-based career with the aim of reorganising the manufacturing base for greater product and service personalisation.


What are our dreams made of?
Opening up to the whole world! And enabling you to experience the pleasure of a Nuit Idéale®, wherever you are, whether in Asia, the United States or 10,000m above sea level... We are already making it happen and we're not finished yet... Spurred by Edouard Dumas, our small company based in Tonnerre has conquered the finest international hotels and serves prestigious private clients in Russia, Japan, the Emirates and more...


Our Expertise


The origin of Dumas Paris' Nuit Idéale® is one, very special ingredient: down. Our expertise in this noble material has given us access to the most prestige clients... And gives you experience of absolute well-being...


Some gestures are irreplaceable: only the touch of experience and an expert eye can guarantee this exceptional quality, to the finishes, made in satin stitch, craft technique that ensures an elegant finish and resistance to any event.


Our obsession is with an artisanal product well made. Our workshops are founded on well-kept secrets, unique techniques and an expertise accumulated over more than a century, all to guarantee you an exceptional night's sleep.

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