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How do I choose between synthetic or natural? Is there a difference in comfort? What should I choose if I suffer from allergies?

In general, products made of feathers and down are known to be thermoregulating and provide warmth adapted to your different sleep cycles. These products are perfect for people who have a tendency to perspire. There is no known allergy to feathers, however as the filling is an organic material, it is more conducive to the development of mites. That is why we have developed the GSD solution, a patented concept whereby an anti-mite and anti-bacteria treatment is applied to the interior lining to curb the development of mites and bacteria.
Products filled with synthetic materials are commonly acknowledged as hypo-allergenic. Synthetic products, made from petroleum-based materials, are not thermoregulating and provide constant warmth. They are not recommended for people who have a tendency to perspire. Synthetic products are easier to care for as they take less time to dry than natural products.

What is the difference between duck down and goose down? Which is warmer? Which is fluffier?

In general, the growth of down clusters on animals depends on the way they are reared and breeding time. There are many differences between goose down and duck down. Duck down clusters are smaller than goose down clusters due to the size of the bird. As a consequence, products made using goose down are fluffier and warmer.

Why choose a square pillow rather than a rectangular one?

Choosing the shape of your pillow is very important. Support and comfort varies greatly depending on the shape of your pillow. A rectangular pillow does not offer the same support as a square one. A square pillow supports the head and neck and also the top of the shoulders. A rectangular pillow only supports the head and neck. Rectangular pillows are now more popular than the traditional bolster pillow. If you are looking to buy a bolster pillow, we can custom make it for you upon request.

How do I choose what size duvet to buy?

"The size of your duvet should suit the size of your mattress and the height of your bed base so that you can tuck it in easily or have enough overlapping on each side to make your bed look aesthetically welcoming.

Also, when two of you sleep in the bed, you need to make sure the duvet is large enough for both of you to feel comfortable.

For a 90x190cm or 90x200cm bed, choose a single size duvet (140x200cm or 200x200cm duvet)

For a 140x190cm or 140x200cm bed, choose a double size duvet (200x200cm or 240x220cm duvet)

For a 160x190cm or 160x200cm bed, choose a queen size duvet (240x220cm or 260x240cm duvet)

For a 180x190cm or 180x200cm bed, choose a king size duvet (260x240cm or 280x260cm duvet)

For at 200x200cm bed, choose a super king size duvet (280x260cm duvet)

How do I find the pillow, duvet or featherbed I slept on at a hotel?

To find the pillow, duvet or featherbed you slept on at a hotel, we invite you to consult our Nuit Idéale® page. Each hotel equipped with our products is listed with the bedding products they use so that you can find them easily.


How do I wash my pillow?

Your pillow is machine washable at 40°C using your usual detergent. Tumble dry on low until the duvet is completely dry.

How do I wash my duvet?

Your duvet is machine washable at 40°C using your usual detergent, up to size 200/200. Tumble dry on low until the duvet is completely dry. For larger-sized duvets, it is best to use a professional cleaning service

How do I wash my featherbed?

Only the Confort natural featherbed cannot be washed. The other featherbeds are machine washable at 40°C, then tumble dry until completely dry.

How do I care for my duvet in the winter?

During winter, make a habit of opening your windows once a day; the dry cold air will help to kill mites

How do I care for my duvet in the summer?

Make the most of the warm sunshine to expose your duvet to light. The sun's rays will help to sanitise your duvet


When should I change a pillow? A duvet? A featherbed?

The lifespan of a pillow is 1001 nights, of a natural duvet 10 years, of a synthetic duvet 7 years, and of a mattress topper 3 years.

How do I make sure my products remain in optimal condition for as long as possible?

It is important to add a protective cover to your pillows, in addition to your pillow cases, to limit all contact with perspiration. Air your bedroom well every day for at least 10 minutes, wash your pillow and duvet at least once a year.



From France, from abroad, can I change an item in my order? Can I cancel my order?

We offer worldwide delivery. Free delivery in metropolitan France. Delivery charges for the rest of the world are based on weight and volume. Orders are prepared each day. You can modify or cancel your order before 9am (CET) the following day.

Exchanges and refunds

Can I return my product?

You have a 14-day withdrawal period. Products must be returned in good condition in their original packaging, in a cardboard box. Personalised products (embroidered, specific sizes) cannot be exchanged or refunded.

When will I receive my refund?  

Once the Quality department has checked and validated your return, we refund returned orders within 48 to 72 hours


Where can I find Dumas Paris products?

There are no distributor stores for our products at this time. Our products are only available for order online.

Gift card

How do I offer a gift card?

If you want to offer a product of our House without knowing the habits of the person to whom you offer it, select our gift card.

How do I use my gift card?

You have in your possession a Dumas Paris gift card. On this card is indicated a privilege code. Choose the pillow, duvet or mattress topper of your choice, add the item(s) to the cart. Create your customer account by following each step. On the order summary page, fill in the box on the bottom left-hand corner named "privilege code" with the code on the gift card you received by mail. The amount of the gift card is subtracted from the amount of the chosen item(s). Your account will be either debtor or creditor. In the case of a debit account, the difference will still have to be paid to validate your order. If your account is credited, the amount remaining to be spent will be valid for 6 months.

Health & Environment


Are feathers allergenic?

There are no know allergies to feathers. However, as a natural product, mites and dust have a tendency to develop faster.

How can I prevent mites?

To prevent mites, air your bedroom for 10 minutes every day; mites do not survive thermal shocks and exposure to sunlight.

What bedding is suitable for a child, according to age?

Firstly, we would like to remind you that paediatricians in France do not advise the use of pillows for children under the age of 3. Please also check the recommendations in your country. Bedding for a child does not depend on age but on height and weight. Use our questionnaire to help choose the best pillow for each member of your family. It will help guide you towards the best suited products


How do we guarantee our commitments?

Keeping our word is one of the Dumas family's fundamental values. We work closely with suppliers who hold the same values and commitments. We make regular visits to our suppliers.

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