Our commitments

Made in France

All our products are created and manufactured in our Tonnerre workshops in Burgundy: country of vineyards and toil, at the gates of Chablis and Vézelay. 45 people work on our site, sometimes for several generations. We always prefer a manual filling and finishing, and this is totally compatible with the high technicality of our products! 

Respect for Animal Welfare

Quality is also about ethical and sustainable raw materials. All our feathers and down are sourced, either by harvesting from post-season nests for the rarest down, or from geese and ducks which we can guarantee are provided with good living and end-of-life conditions.

Human Rights

We ensure that our supplier partners comply and ensure compliance with human rights and their fundamental principles, throughout the supply chain. We pay particular attention to child protection and workers' rights.


For us, manufacturing must be responsible and sustainable. The attention paid to reducing and recycling waste has always been a priority. Since 2009, we are also committed to a continuous approach to reducing our CO2 emissions with tangible results (carbon footprint information available on request). We involve our clients in this initiative, offering each client the opportunity to donate to a reforestation project in the Peruvian Amazon. More than 12,000 trees have already been planted; each donating customer receives a certificate in their name.

Conformity Guarantee  

Guaranteeing maximum product safety is a key commitment. All our products comply with current French and European regulations, in particular French Decree N°2000/164 of 23 February 2000 guaranteeing non-ignitability to cigarettes.

Safety Guarantee

The health and safety of our supply chains for synthetic and natural (feathers and down) are key to our business. We use the services of carefully selected suppliers who contractually guarantee the traceability and level of safety with regards mites and allergens, in accordance with very strict specifications.

Quality Guarantee

All our products come with a user guide and care instructions. We provide a conventional two-year guarantee covering all manufacturing defects.

A tree at your name 

Protection of the environment is a priority for us. You can join us rebuild the forest. For 5 euros extra when ordering, a tree at your name will be planted in Peru, in the Peruvian Amazon area. A nominative certificate will be provided to you attesting your commitment to this environmental program.


GSD® is the culmination of years of searching for our brand in terms of improving comfort and optimizing the safety of our products. This is a patended concept on the double envelope of our products. The outer shell is an untreated textile that guarantees the comfort of a hyppoallergenic contact. The inner lining receives a specific treatment and serves as a dam against harmful elements. the two envelopes work in synergy to ensure maximum comfort and safety for humans and their environment. The GSD label on your packagig indicates that your product benefits from this technology. 

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